Summer visit, vacation and stepmomma stuff

I started this post 22 days ago apparently. I had full intentions of finishing it over the course of my quiet mornings on my dad’s deck while we were in the Okanagan. Each morning at Dad’s house my hips would wake me up before everyone else and I would sneak out of the room with […]

The Results :)

Hello again! Well, I’m happy to report you were all right. We went in first, just Man and I, and saw 2 arms and 2 legs, a squirmy little butt, and it sleeps like me and Grandmooshka (“gramma” long story) already! A kinked elbow with hand by its face lol. After measurements and reassurance that […]

Poutines and Journey

Where has time gone, and yet so slowly… Last weekend my BFFs (of 25 years) flew me out to visit for my b-day. They’re identical twins and one has a daughter (5) the other a son and daughter 18 mons and 6 weeks. Man flew out with me and we stayed with the one who […]

MIA – stepkidlettes and ultrasound limbo

Hey everyone Hope you all have been doing well enjoying small moments in life, frolicking in your recently pregnant bliss, or getting by a little easier day-by-day. I think of you all (including those who don’t fall into the two latter things!). There’s no real pregnancy update for me here in the sense of cold […]

Fall is not just for lattes, leaves, and cozy sweaters

It’s also about being grateful. It’s about the death of things once shimmery and green to make way for the new blooms a few seasons away. Patience. Better, new, much more beautiful things are coming. In less than a month my body’s handled more stress than it’s seen since the kid’s Movepocolypse of 2011, and we […]

Sigh of Relief

Sorry to keep any of you hankerin’ for the low-down (that sounds dirty when you type it out) on how it went telling the kids about our plan. We did it Saturday over Facetime so there was a buffer day before school in case any consoling was needed. I pretty much sat on the toilet […]