I Forgot to Mention…

  Have you ever heard of pets acting strange around people who are sick or pregnant? Likely. Did you think it was hoaky? I sure did (at least about the pregnant thing). Until shortly around my transfer when our littlest cat started bringing “gifts” up from our undeveloped basement. This isn’t a new thing for […]

The Joys of Progesterone – a day 7 reflection

As if this two week wait isn’t going to be challenging enough … 3 days 20 hours 2 minutes in, there’s the added joy of the progesterone pills. From what I hear, I should be grateful I’m not taking the shots and to be honest I’ve adapted to this new habit. I have not adapted, […]

What. The. H…

(This was a scene from Paranormal Activity – I have done this to Man in the past during times of stress, asleep. Creepy.) Hold on, it’s a long one. Grab that tea, pull up that blanket. Take a rest in between – I’ve sectioned this up. I’ve been having troubles sleeping. My body just feels […]

Fall is not just for lattes, leaves, and cozy sweaters

It’s also about being grateful. It’s about the death of things once shimmery and green to make way for the new blooms a few seasons away.┬áPatience. Better, new, much more beautiful things are coming. In less than a month my body’s handled more stress than it’s seen since the kid’s Movepocolypse of 2011, and we […]

Sigh of Relief

Sorry to keep any of you hankerin’ for the low-down (that sounds dirty when you type it out) on how it went telling the kids about our plan. We did it Saturday over Facetime so there was a buffer day before school in case any consoling was needed. I pretty much sat on the toilet […]

A Week’s Worth – IVF Process and the In-Betweens

Friday after work, we received a package in the mail. The official “names printed on it” papers that we had to sign and return. It just worked out so that the very next morning I was hitting the road to visit with my long time twinsy best friends (since age 5, no kidding). Man and […]