Into 23 weeks

   Not much has happened since my last post. We just got back from an overnight road trip  to the kid’s province to see A graduate grade 8. She looked like an adult. My god stop growing girl! We get to pick them up this weekend for the annual summer vacation!     I got to […]

My “technique” pre-transfer

As I mentioned in this post, I would (eventually) speak to what my preparations were before our transfer day. This is in NO way a recommendation or a “If you do it, you’ll get results” kind of thing. At All. I just found when I was scouring the internet and baby forums, that there were a bunch of really intense […]

Enter Week 15 – lengthy

After we got back from A’s dance recital, things have been a whirlwind. We all got to see little baby T at 12 weeks squirming and bouncing about, which gave me the confidence (and my new found energy) to start getting my butt moving. I used to run a lot. Like A LOT. I really […]

The Results :)

Hello again! Well, I’m happy to report you were all right. We went in first, just Man and I, and saw 2 arms and 2 legs, a squirmy little butt, and it sleeps like me and Grandmooshka (“gramma” long story) already! A kinked elbow with hand by its face lol. After measurements and reassurance that […]

Poutines and Journey

Where has time gone, and yet so slowly… Last weekend my BFFs (of 25 years) flew me out to visit for my b-day. They’re identical twins and one has a daughter (5) the other a son and daughter 18 mons and 6 weeks. Man flew out with me and we stayed with the one who […]

MIA – stepkidlettes and ultrasound limbo

Hey everyone Hope you all have been doing well enjoying small moments in life, frolicking in your recently pregnant bliss, or getting by a little easier day-by-day. I think of you all (including those who don’t fall into the two latter things!). There’s no real pregnancy update for me here in the sense of cold […]

Test Day…

Friday the 13th has always been a good day for me. I’m not overly superstitious, yet I do have my own little rituals I find myself doing so I don’t “jinx” things. Murphy’s Law seems to apply to me so I try not to say “that will never happen”, because then it does… or doesn’t, […]

What. The. H…

(This was a scene from Paranormal Activity – I have done this to Man in the past during times of stress, asleep. Creepy.) Hold on, it’s a long one. Grab that tea, pull up that blanket. Take a rest in between – I’ve sectioned this up. I’ve been having troubles sleeping. My body just feels […]