Enter Week 15 – lengthy

After we got back from A’s dance recital, things have been a whirlwind. We all got to see little baby T at 12 weeks squirming and bouncing about, which gave me the confidence (and my new found energy) to start getting my butt moving. I used to run a lot. Like A LOT. I really […]

The Results :)

Hello again! Well, I’m happy to report you were all right. We went in first, just Man and I, and saw 2 arms and 2 legs, a squirmy little butt, and it sleeps like me and Grandmooshka (“gramma” long story) already! A kinked elbow with hand by its face lol. After measurements and reassurance that […]

I Forgot to Mention…

  Have you ever heard of pets acting strange around people who are sick or pregnant? Likely. Did you think it was hoaky? I sure did (at least about the pregnant thing). Until shortly around my transfer when our littlest cat started bringing “gifts” up from our undeveloped basement. This isn’t a new thing for […]

Poutines and Journey

Where has time gone, and yet so slowly… Last weekend my BFFs (of 25 years) flew me out to visit for my b-day. They’re identical twins and one has a daughter (5) the other a son and daughter 18 mons and 6 weeks. Man flew out with me and we stayed with the one who […]

Embryo Transfer

My “Feel Better” flowers from Man on harvest day. Note: The Pandora bag is not strategically placed, it’s mom’s Christmas and Birthday gift and awaits her next visit and has sat there since November. Last night we decided against tacos a complicated dinner (lol) and made a batch of Kraft dinner. Mix some sour cream […]