35 weeks, 5 to go

Wow, this process seemed so long at one point, but now it’s creeping up and growing ever faster to the big day. The desired result of this huge process is nearly here. It’s baffling. It’s much like a wheelbarrow being pushed up this long, time consuming, energy sucking hill… only to roll over the crest […]

Summer visit, vacation and stepmomma stuff

I started this post 22 days ago apparently. I had full intentions of finishing it over the course of my quiet mornings on my dad’s deck while we were in the Okanagan. Each morning at Dad’s house my hips would wake me up before everyone else and I would sneak out of the room with […]

Babymoon (Apr 28- May 7) – week 15/16

Like a big endless bath of mercury Late March-ish a work BFF announced wicked flight deals she found online from Calgary to “sun destinations”. About an hour later, Man and I were booked for Maui, Hawaii. This would be our only trip of these proportions for the next long while, so why not get it while it was half […]

The Results :)

Hello again! Well, I’m happy to report you were all right. We went in first, just Man and I, and saw 2 arms and 2 legs, a squirmy little butt, and it sleeps like me and Grandmooshka (“gramma” long story) already! A kinked elbow with hand by its face lol. After measurements and reassurance that […]