Entering week 15

Or nearing 4 months.  Life at home with this little man has been something really treasured. When I say nearing 4 months it’s makes me realize how little I’ve gotten done. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I’ve had the time to just concentrate on Little Man and keeping the house in tidy, running condition. […]

Quiet Reading Feed

I’m missing a lot of people who’s blogs were so active a year ago, our community felt a little more bustling (of those I knew to follow). At one point I felt like I was following too many people to keep up with who’s who in this zoo.  Now it seems some are too busy […]

Where has time gone?

Its like this little man is a vortex for time. My days fly by in between feeding, comforting, burping, cleaning, etc let alone house stuff.  I started a post 2-3 weeks ago and it still sits in progress on my computer.  Currently I’m feeding a sleepy boy while my step kids sleep-in upstairs.  Christmas eve […]

Baby Brock’s Birth

2 weeks postpartum to the day. I’m not even sure how to begin this post. Where do I begin?! Friday Oct 16 – Mom arrives at the airport and it was the smoothest pickup ever (usually there’s some sort of confusion amplified by my well-meaning mother). Went to the mall then picked up Man. Saturday […]

Baby T

Hello everyone! At round 8:40 this morning I delivered, via c section, our baby boy.  Meet Mr Brock River Harrison T.  7 lbs 8 ounces hidden up inside me.  Will post about it all soon…sleepy.      

35 weeks, 5 to go

Wow, this process seemed so long at one point, but now it’s creeping up and growing ever faster to the big day. The desired result of this huge process is nearly here. It’s baffling. It’s much like a wheelbarrow being pushed up this long, time consuming, energy sucking hill… only to roll over the crest […]