Entering week 15

Or nearing 4 months. 

Life at home with this little man has been something really treasured. When I say nearing 4 months it’s makes me realize how little I’ve gotten done. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I’ve had the time to just concentrate on Little Man and keeping the house in tidy, running condition. I guess I just felt like I’d have a novel half completed by now, or a master’s degree (not actually … One could dream). 

I am considering creating my own business in the sense of working for myself as a contracting company and applying for my old job when the position is open again in July (instead of being hired and working through my old contracting company). That’s months before my mat leave is up but if that’s what I have to do to ensure we are making money after mat leave, then maybe I have to do it.  I could save that company money and yet ask for a little more per hour…I just don’t think we can afford for me to stay home, but man do I want to. However, as the days goes on and the price of oil continues to drop and companies continue to purge their contractors and employees, I wonder if it would even be beneficial. If that spot is even still available, who knows how long it will last. So in that sense, maybe I just go back through the contracting company and each month I work is just more $ than what we would have if I was on mat leave, and if I get laid off, so be it. 

It’s scary times. We can all hate oil, but it’s uses go beyond fuel and there’s people behind the production, retrieval, maintenance, operations etc of it. Normal, not just “the 1%”, people with families and livelihoods. Theft and depression looms over the province. What does Calgary have (economy wise) if it doesn’t have oil. It’s one of the largest, if not thee largest, cities in North America (land coverage, not population) and people are moving away. We can’t charge people to come walk through our beautiful parks, we (all) can’t own / operate small businesses. Even our health services have to downsize due to less funding. Moving companies seem to be one of the few bustling industries right now. That and psychologists who are backed up for weeks. Housing of course has dropped so you can’t even recover by downsizing. Hopefully we can adapt. I think, fear, this is going to be a turning point and Calgary may not come back the same this time. 

Anyways, no more Debbie Downer…

This child has been so textbook and, therefore, easily predictable. He also just likes to hang out and observe. He was sleeping through the night until recently, just in time for the 4 month sleep regression. He hasn’t rolled or been one to grab at things yet because his laid back personality I think has trumped the need to meet those milestones. That being said, he fusses a lot when he’s been in his car seat for too long, he doesn’t want to eat if there’s too much going on around him and if he’s over stimulated (and hangry), and we think he’s a private pooper. Putting him to bed sometimes requires an extra snuggle (or 5) and a soft discussion of why sleep is so good and what we’ll be doing tomorrow. 

We spent Sunday night in the mountains for an early valentines because we’ll have the kids on actual valentines. We went for a mini hike with the boy, something we’ve been doing a lot more frequently than we did before he was born. Then walked around the little mountain town of Banff and had a nice dinner. Little Man fussed a bit so luckily I had a bottle of liquid formula to feed him. He pounded it back then proceeded to vom 1/4 of it up despite burp breaks. Sorry fine dining patrons. 

All day he didn’t poo. Even after formula. The next day, yesterday, he also didn’t until we got home and he unleashed right before getting in the tub with Man. He also peed so we were stoked for a clean tub party. Moments after I handed Little Man off to Man in the tub, and began everything I wanted to get done I hear “he shit on me”. In a surprisingly calm voice. I ran back over, what? “He shit all over me”. I peeked in the tub and saw the suspended poop just hovering over Man’s hairy leg. 

Let me tell ya, your mind sure races when you are thinking of ways to get sloppy poo out of a large white tub that two people also happen to be in. Man handled it better than I did considering he doesn’t even handle poopy diapers. Much scrubbing later, everything is cleaned. 

Some pics…


4 thoughts on “Entering week 15

      • haha there is some saying out there “kids make liars out of their parents” or something like that and it is just so true. Every time I ever said “My baby never does X” he did it. Or “My baby always does that – look!” and he wouldn’t do it.


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