Quiet Reading Feed

I’m missing a lot of people who’s blogs were so active a year ago, our community felt a little more bustling (of those I knew to follow). At one point I felt like I was following too many people to keep up with who’s who in this zoo. 

Now it seems some are too busy or uninspired to post (me, right here, guilty). Some haven’t had the change they wanted and retyping the same results over and over are too painful. Sometimes typing it out seems to diminish that little seed of hope while simultaneously trying to get some support and share experiences. 

I hope during our shared radio silence that good things are filling your lives. I’m grateful for those who keep writing but understanding of those who don’t. 


3 thoughts on “Quiet Reading Feed

  1. I’m guilty too. Momhood keeps me feeling like sleep would be nice and that nothing changes very quickly so it all feels do uninteresting to blog about! I hope you’re doing very well!


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