Where has time gone?

Its like this little man is a vortex for time. My days fly by in between feeding, comforting, burping, cleaning, etc let alone house stuff. 

I started a post 2-3 weeks ago and it still sits in progress on my computer. 

Currently I’m feeding a sleepy boy while my step kids sleep-in upstairs. 

Christmas eve yay πŸ™‚ 

Man is finishing up work and I’ll soon start the batter for cookies for our Christmas eve shindig tonight at Man’s sister’s with her family, their mom and her husband. 

Breastfeeding has gotten easier. It was a huge challenge at first because Boy would just sooth suck and im not really physically built it seems for breast feeding. Many tears were shed as I felt like in the old days my baby wouldn’t survive because he couldn’t latch. I only had my friends quickly remind me I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant without science and help in the first place…

This can be a rough(er) time for some of you while you’re surrounded by prodding family or tiny nieces and nephews. I just want to acknowledge that and say my heart is with you. I hope instead, your heart is filled with their love and good company. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a happy, lucky New Year. 

For those who’ve been wondering, here are some pictures of little Brock’s progress till now. (He slept a lot for the first few weeks because of his jaundice).



9 thoughts on “Where has time gone?

  1. Ahhh happy first Christmas Brock! He is so lovely, what a handsome little guy! You are looking great too, I hope motherhood is treating you well. Thinking of you all over Christmas! Xx


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