Baby Brock’s Birth

2 weeks postpartum to the day.

I’m not even sure how to begin this post. Where do I begin?!

Friday Oct 16 – Mom arrives at the airport and it was the smoothest pickup ever (usually there’s some sort of confusion amplified by my well-meaning mother). Went to the mall then picked up Man.

Saturday Oct 17 – Got our nails did ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunday Oct 18 – Sweating profusely with anticipation for tomorrow (baby boy’s due date and c-section scheduled date). Woke up before everyone and sat on the deck with the kittens and some decaf. Rubbed my belly enjoying the last day that I will ever be pregnant. Man got a GoPro and has started to document our birth journey. That evening we left mom at home and went to Fish Creek, a large inner city park, and had some Starbucks while we enjoyed our last moments of the lifestyle we’ve lived for the past 6 years.

Monday Oct 19 – Woke up at 5 AM to be at the hospital for 6 AM. Packed up the car and Mom, Man and I were off. I’m very nervous. Get checked in and we are up to the maternity ward before 7 AM, surgery is at 8. They hook me up to the IV, I didn’t nearly pass out like egg-retrieval IV, but I was a bit woozy. Two monitors are strapped to my belly, one for my contractions and one for baby’s heart-rate. It’s so loud I ask the nurse to turn it down low. We were in a dark hospital room, alone and the whole situation was overwhelming without the booming heart-rate of my Little Man in my ear. It was less reassuring and more like a stressful scene in a movie where they have a fast heart-rate sound effect to raise yours.
The nurse asked how long I had been having contractions for. I was? they figured today or tomorrow would have been natural go-time if I wasn’t scheduled. Almost every time I had a contraction, Little Man’s heart rate would drop. That got kind of scary for me.
We waited in the dark room for the longest hour ever then it was time to go. Mom went downstairs with her crochet to the coffee shop, Ry got into his scrubs, and I went ahead to the OR to get prepped. The epidural was scary but fine. The anesthesiologist was amazing. I told him I may get woozy and he said that’s normal and when I did, he was right there with more drugs to knock back whatever was making me ill. I felt so exposed with no blankets just strapped to a bed with no pants. I kept trying to move my legs to “test” the drugs and obviously I couldn’t. They measured my belly, put the screen up, and Man finally joined us. They said Little Man was likely a little dude so they had made the incision a bit small. Turns out Little Man was tucked away and was a bit bigger than what they were expecting. I was told I would feel like someone was jumping on my chest when they were pulling him out, and it was so crazy. My shoulder literally felt like it was breaking and I started to heave from the pain on my chest. A nurse appears out of thin air to catch my invisible empty stomach heaves.

8:44 AM – I finally get to hear the first cry we all want to hear. It’s just as magical as you can imagine. They show me him from across the small room. He’s so pale and his features are so red including his hair (which is also because of where he just came from). Doctor confirms it’s a boy and I cannot even believe they just pulled this little person from me. Man gets called over to watch the measurement and testing process while I get stitched up.

Birth Video (long) no surgery shots version.



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4 thoughts on “Baby Brock’s Birth

  1. Awwwww so pleased everything went smoothly. Had no idea you could feel pressure when bub is pulled out. No one seems to talk about this. Sounds like you had a great team looking after you. Hope you are all settling in well xx


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