Into 23 weeks

   Not much has happened since my last post. We just got back from an overnight road trip  to the kid’s province to see A graduate grade 8. She looked like an adult. My god stop growing girl! We get to pick them up this weekend for the annual summer vacation!     I got to […]

Babymoon (Apr 28- May 7) – week 15/16

Like a big endless bath of mercury Late March-ish a work BFF announced wicked flight deals she found online from Calgary to “sun destinations”. About an hour later, Man and I were booked for Maui, Hawaii. This would be our only trip of these proportions for the next long while, so why not get it while it was half […]

My “technique” pre-transfer

As I mentioned in this post, I would (eventually) speak to what my preparations were before our transfer day. This is in NO way a recommendation or a “If you do it, you’ll get results” kind of thing. At All. I just found when I was scouring the internet and baby forums, that there were a bunch of really intense […]