I Forgot to Mention…


Have you ever heard of pets acting strange around people who are sick or pregnant? Likely. Did you think it was hoaky? I sure did (at least about the pregnant thing). Until shortly around my transfer when our littlest cat started bringing “gifts” up from our undeveloped basement. This isn’t a new thing for her, she likes to carry stuff up from the main floor like her scrunchy balls or tiny stuffed seal and bring it to our TV room upstairs. She also tends to put toys at the door after we leave the house – I call it leaving gifts for the door gods in hopes for Man’s and my return. But these gifts were different. These were special, she had went the extra mile.

At first it was one of Man’s construction gloves. I would put it back downstairs or at least on the main floor, and she would bring its partner up. Then the other one. Then she started bringing up a golf towel we were using to wipe this sanding project. She soon brought up both, individually, Man’s soccer shin pads. These things were as long as her and probably 1/3 her weight. To her, these were likely the crown jewels of all treasures available in the basement. 

She used to follow me around the house every where I went, and still does as long as the other cat isn’t around… but he is… all the time now.   


 After the 2WW the other large cat started acting annoying. I had him first and before I met Man. We are partners in crime and he’s traveled with me to other cities, provinces, and many, many rentals. So we’re buds. As he got older he’s kind of sat on the sidelines only to remind us to feed him once his dish is half empty, get pets when one of us enters the room he’s decided to lay his huge stomach out in, and the odd scratch for Man’s arms when they play wrestle. This uninterested behaviour has changed. I thought maybe he was finally getting jealous of all the time the other cat was spending with me (it’s been like almost 4 years though). Instead of her coming into the bathroom with me to get ready each morning, he started kicking her out and sitting tall on the bathtub ledge beside my makeup table. This causes the little one to back off for territory reasons I’m assuming – they’re always battling for the Alpha spot lol. He now sleeps beside my pillow every night. He follows me into the bathroom even when I’m not getting ready (this was her usual tradition). He always has to see where I am. If he figures the situation is “safe” he goes and lies down somewhere quieter, otherwise he always has a watchful eye on me.

At first I was annoyed as all hell tripping over this 16lb cat who gets in your way enough as it is (like actually walks into your path on purpose… and he’s a black cat so maybe that’s where the superstition came from…). After I did some reading to see if this was because of pregnancy and read stories of other people’s cats and dogs doing the same thing, I think it’s pretty funny. He’s trying to make sure I’m protected. So instead of shoving him off the bed, I’ll snuggle my face up to his huge warm side. I’ll kick him out of the bathroom occasionally and invite the other one in so she’s not in too much shock of this abrupt change in behaviours. I am a little more welcoming of his annoying clingyness.


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