I’m Back (Pregnancy Chatter)

Life has been so busy lately and shows no sign of slowing down! 

After the kids left we used that week to re-settle and set up for my mom’s 1 week visit beginning the very next weekend (she lives back in my home town). I don’t get to see Mom much because we’re 8 hours away, the plane tickets are ludicrous for the short duration you’re in the air, and the drive is hazardous in winter… and summer. Anyways. Mom and I managed not to strangle each other somehow, and it was a pretty good visit overall. I tried to consciously be more patient with her, and I think she did the same with me. 

 A few days after she arrived was ultrasound day (Tuesday March 3rd – technically “week 7” on the nose). I was nervous. Man, Mom, and I sat anxiously in the waiting room until I was called by myself, my entourage would be called in after I was settled. I changed and used the waiting time to read WP and happened to read Making a little A’s blog about her ultrasound experience which was a week ish before mine. It set the tone because her news was good news.

Once I was brought in, I told the tech that we put two in but Mom didn’t know, in case the tech would ask while everyone was in there. Her eyes lit up, no, just in case…

Once I was settled everyone filed in. My mom told me later that Man was nearly in tears in the waiting room after I left because he was so nervous on how this would go. I’m glad he had some company for support because he always plays the role of supporter. In the very beginning, our naive “it won’t happen to us” attitudes were crushed and from that point on my results just kept barely squeaking by. Being optimistic throughout this process kind of made the not-optimal news a little difficult each time. So you can understand his worry.  

My uterus is tilted so we got a great view. The tech whispered to me after sliding around quite a bit, “one“. One little bean with a flickering white heart. 

There was a big TV on the wall that we could all watch instead of the tech’s little screen. There it was just flickering away, pulsing to life a new person with each quick little pump. It was so so neat. There was not a dry eye in the house, except for the tech… and me because I’m a robot in these situations (our wedding, relatives passing, etc). The best images were with the external ultrasound, but due to being under 8 weeks (or ten?) it is protocol to have an internal too, which I expected. She took a picture with the internal (which wasn’t as nice but whatever) and told us little bean was roughly 3 days behind, yet nothing to worry about. In my head though all I could think about was our slow-moving dudes and then slow-growing embies, and now our slow little nestled embie. This pattern makes me a bit concerned but I’m hoping with some light exercise and good food, our soon-to-be-babe will pick up a bit. 

A few days after the U/S I started spotting a little old blood. Then a little pink. This was making me nervous but I read that it’s not uncommon and sometimes can be triggered by activity (because the uterus can bleed really easily or something right now). I continue to spot (old) on and off and it’s still worrisome, however, I know things could be worse and I know this is no indication of a healthy or unhealthy baby. The pattern is usually: the day before it happens, I’ve had really bad AF cramps and / or have gone for a long-ish walk. I figure it’s my growing insides and any other activity I subject myself to. I will be taking it easy with shorter walks from now on. 

I’m going to be one of those people who tracks this voyage, but that’ll be in a separate post. I also will post a “how I personally prepped for pregnancy” type post. Everyone is different, but I found myself searching the internet for this the most, well aside from twin strollers. So I figure I’ll share that too. Take it or leave it. 

After all this, I can say that of course I’m very happy with a dash of the all-to-familiar caution.

I never had any bleeding right after the embryo transfer, so I think my second embie didn’t even take. I’m so glad we decided to follow our Dr’s advice and put two back in. There’s no way to tell 100% which one took so I’m glad we used both. That being said, I need to be honest with you guys. I still feel a bit of sorrow, loss, and jealousy that both didn’t take. Don’t curse me, I’m SO grateful for the one that did! But you know how imaginations and hope can go though. 

Ultimately, I just truly hope we end up with one perfect little being, and by perfect I mean alive and healthy.

  • Dry… so dry. Skin, mouth, eyes, so thirsty… I’ve been making sure to drink a ton of H2O
  • Big, heavy boobs (oh poor Man) -> this was Mom’s main give-away too
  • Light headedness
  • Very tired and no motivation
  • Nauseous with no puking or no real threats to puke (mostly)
  • Hungry hungry hippo
  • Mood swings
  • Crampy
  • Light spotting
Cravings / Aversions:

Not really, but when I do:

  • Tropical fruit
  • Tomato based cheesy stuff (read: Italian food)
  • Calcium – pudding, yogurt, smoothies
  • HEAVE! Looking at raw chicken
  • HEAVE! Smelling strong salty food (yet love the salt)

And lastly some pics from Mom’s visit and b-day festivities 🙂


9 thoughts on “I’m Back (Pregnancy Chatter)

  1. Yay! I’m so excited to read your update and hear how well your ultrasound went! I TOTALLY hear you about feeling a little bummed that it’s not twins (and yet so so grateful that there’s one healthy embryo growing strong)! I don’t think it makes us selfish or ungrateful – there was potential life that didn’t “take.” That is sad in its own way. But YAY for healthy early pregnancies and YAY for continued awesome news. And thanks for the blog shout out! xo

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