Embryo Transfer

My “Feel Better” flowers from Man on harvest day. Note: The Pandora bag is not strategically placed, it’s mom’s Christmas and Birthday gift and awaits her next visit and has sat there since November. Last night we decided against tacos a complicated dinner (lol) and made a batch of Kraft dinner. Mix some sour cream […]

Day 2 News

Well, of those 6 that fertilized we are now left with 2 poor quality eggs. The Dr explained this happens more frequently when a man’s dudes are surgically extracted. One egg is 2 cell, and one is uneven at 5. Both are ones they wouldn’t choose first, they’d choose last. They recommended both be put […]


Monday. Apparently my caves (follicles) grew a lot, more than .2 a day yesterday and Monday is thee day of harvest! I just kept smiling as she read out the numbers, that’s like .5 growth, .3 …. …I wondered about this because I was getting really sensitive endometriosis pain last night. I knew something was […]