Day 1 of Suprefact

Isn’t this great?!… It’s December 28, day 1 of Suprefact. So I’m thinking hey, may as well catalog how I feel and what I observe. This will be mainly for my own use, but also may be handy for those who haven’t started yet or maybe want to compare thoughts / feelings. Again, please remember […]

Face to Face with Infertility

Yesterday was a rough day so you’ll have to excuse any wait I inflicted on you. My throat sore, skin crawling, body feverish, and sickly breath (apparently pretty sick). Man was impatiently patient, sweaty palms, and nose deep in his phone in an attempt to distract himself. He had a vasectomy about 7 years ago, […]

What. The. H…

(This was a scene from Paranormal Activity – I have done this to Man in the past during times of stress, asleep. Creepy.) Hold on, it’s a long one. Grab that tea, pull up that blanket. Take a rest in between – I’ve sectioned this up. I’ve been having troubles sleeping. My body just feels […]

Now? Wait.

It’s been done. Tuesday I called in my full-flow-crampy-McCramps and waited… and waited… weren’t they supposed to at least call me back and say not yet? Maybe I was too quiet on the phone, sneaking about on a semi-occupied floor. Maybe the reception was bad on that floor, that top floor next to those big […]