Sigh of Relief

Sorry to keep any of you hankerin’ for the low-down (that sounds dirty when you type it out) on how it went telling the kids about our plan. We did it Saturday over Facetime so there was a buffer day before school in case any consoling was needed. I pretty much sat on the toilet […]

We’re gunna tell the Kids. Breathe.

The sheer thought of even what title I should create for this post has caused my body to go into fight or flight mode. Sweaty palms, numb legs, cold limbs, shivers, high heart rate. You would think I was about to stand before the court for a crime I was framed for, where the chances […]

A Week’s Worth – IVF Process and the In-Betweens

Friday after work, we received a package in the mail. The official “names printed on it” papers that we had to sign and return. It just worked out so that the very next morning I was hitting the road to visit with my long time twinsy best friends (since age 5, no kidding). Man and […]

Mo-Fo Mondays

Remember, your mood is controlled by your perspective… Eff off. How’s that for perspective? I first heard the little proverb with a big annoying punch when I was in high school. Yes, what every hormonal teenager wants to hear on a bad day. Note to self: remember this. My best friends’ (that sort of plural, […]