Hi everyone! I hope you find our story insightful and reassuring. We are just a couple of food loving Calgarians on a mission to live life to the fullest, and full of love.

My husband (referred to from this point on as “Man”) and I have decided that there should be some little feet in our future! This is always a big decision and our situation is no different.

We’ve been married for just over a year, and have been partners since the end of 2009. Along with Man came the addition of two beautiful, intelligent children – part-time to be clear here – their visits… not their amazingness. As of 2011 they live 6 hours out of town, but we get to visit each other as much as possible, and those visits are always precious.

This is simply our story as we travel through this long, complicated (and expensive) journey. From the In Virtro Fertilization (IVF) process, to involving Man’s children so they don’t feel overlooked. I hope I bring comfort to those who share in my experience as a Step-mom and Mom-hopeful.




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